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Aho Hīnātore meaning luminescence is an exhibition of paintings by Jordyn Daniels (Ngāi Tahu). Inspired by atua wāhine this show celebrates the divine light of feminine essence and creation.
From the darkness spiritual waters are formed
from the waters came the glimmer of light
from the glimmer came the feminine essence
the luminous light of creative potential
and from this divine space came natural life.
The pūrākau (stories) of atua wāhine retell the regenerative links and laws associated to Te Taiao (the natural world) and to Te Ira Tangata (the lines of decent). Whakapapa expresses the divine nature of wā-hine throughout ages and spaces. Through a mana wāhine lens we see courage, transformation, overcoming, diversity and control over destiny. Just as the her-story of every woman is different, so too will be the stories of atua wāhine.
Jordyn Daniels visually re-imagines pūrākau from her knowing and her perspectives. Her toi ataata (visual art) gives expression and dimension to the her-stories portrayed, and the characteristics of each atua contained.
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